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Get the industry’s most in-depth guide to Direct Investing in Oil & Gas. In Magna Resources FREE Guide, “How To Evaluate Any Drilling Venture”, you’ll learn everything you need to know about oil and gas, including:

  • Am I making the right Trade?
    • We will show you how to determine the true Value on any given project.
  • What is the likelihood of the well hitting oil?
    • We will give helpful insight into Evaluating the Geology.
    • Showing what to look for and what to avoid.
  • How do I determine the profit potential of the well?
    • We will show you how to combine the geology with the investment purchase value to measure the true profit potential -- eliminating the dogs from the winners!
  • Understanding Operations
    • Oftentimes the critical key separating financial success and failure!
  • Evaluating ongoing Production and Mechanical Risk
    • Understanding different types of ventures that can impact profits
  • Evaluating the Managing Partner
    • How they participate in the venture reveals a lot about their belief in the project!
  • Deal Structure
    • Does the Joint Venture have operational control over the well or merely the project? If not, you will be the last one informed over bad news…
  • Prevailing Market Conditions
    • When is the right time to buy?
  • And much, much more…

Gain insight and knowledge long before you Invest

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