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Our Process

What Sets Us Apart

Magna Resources focuses on achieving exceptional returns in oil and gas through exploitation of existing fields, acquisitions and optimized management. Our innovative projects, coupled with our disciplined approach to finding and developing reserves, make us unique in the exploration and development arena. We concentrate exclusively on conventional oil plays in enriched areas, with an emphasis on Salt Domes.

We believe Salt Domes provide a sizable inventory of untapped opportunity. Although technically challenging, Salt Domes accumulate larger reserves in a confined area that result in greater return potential when managed properly. Our understanding of their complex nature gives us a definite advantage.

Here is a general overview outlining our process and competitive edge:




Our accomplished team is the backbone of our growth and operations. With over 100 years of combined experience in both onshore and offshore drilling, our key management has a proven track record of increasing reserves and production while lowering costs.


Magna Resources is committed to securing superior oil and gas assets that generate prolific monthly cash flow and substantial tax write-offs for us and our Partners.


Magna Resources has identified an estimated 20 million barrels of oil and distributed over $100 million dollars in oil and gas revenue. 



  1. We focus exclusively on conventional oil plays. Conventional oil is easier and much more cost effective to produce yielding greater profits.
  2. We reject anything that is operationally complex. By design we eliminate 90% of the oil and gas business upfront, concentrating instead on the less complicated, and more profitable side of developing oil and gas properties.
  3. We target prospects with low finding costs. We believe that by limiting our finding costs, our programs can achieve profit in the ever fluctuating energy market. 


Magna Resources focuses solely on high-volume oil production basins. The Gulf Coast Region is considered a world petroleum mega-province, currently producing almost 60% of America’s entire annual energy output along with the majority of the U.S. refining capacity.


Magna Resources develops Salt Domes, the most prolific oil producing structures in the world.


Our prospects are generated using state-of-the-art technology.


All aspects of prospect generation and refinement are performed in-house to high grade our prospects and reduce costs. We perform all of the research, geology, engineering, geophysics, 2D and 3D seismic interpretation, leasing, title work, budgets, landowner coordination and final packaging of the prospect. 



We offer industry trade pricing typically not available to the general investing public. As a rule, our programs offer more ownership dollar for dollar than our competitors can offer. We believe the more our Partners own, for each dollar invested, the greater the potential returns they can reap. 


Our Partners maintain 100% control over their producing assets to ensure cost management. As a corporate policy we never take minority interest in projects offered by a major oil company. Beware of partnering with big company hype. Although it sounds exciting, in essence you are financially hanging onto the tip of the tiger’s tail.


Magna Resources participates financially on every program we offer. As our endorsement to each project, we typically financially participate for 15 to 30 percent of every well we drill. This ensures our goals are always aligned with our Partners.  When we say we “manage your money like our money”, we mean it.



We continually search for overlooked and underdeveloped prospects for the future.  We view this as a low risk approach to value creation by maximizing already discovered resources rather than the high risk nature of searching for the “next big play”. The best place to find oil is in an already existing oilfield. 


Precision, experience and skill allow us to find unrealized or underestimated value in the properties we pursue. Our business development team has extensive knowledge and experience in the acquisitions marketplace, which enables us to source primarily private deals that are not available on the open market and close them successfully. Our major acquisition focus is to add diversity in our operational areas and entry into new strategic basins. Our key basins today include the Gulf Coast Region and the Houston Salt Dome Basin. Here is a simplistic overview of our acquisition process:

  • Acquire long-lived assets with low-risk exploitation and development opportunities.
  • Optimize reserve recovery by using technical expertise and state-of-the-art technologies.
  • Maximize asset value and distributable cash flow through our operating expertise.



Magna Resources prides itself in keeping our Partners informed every step of the way - from daily drilling reports, monthly statements, lease operating expense details, conference calls and year end K-1 tax information.


We do ongoing conference calls for all of our ventures. We have found this to be a great way to keep everyone informed and involved in the management of our projects.


All of our programs are offered turnkey to protect investors from potential cost overruns during the drilling and completion phase due to an unforeseen event. An AFE (Authorization for Expenditure) is provided on all projects outlining budgeted costs for both drilling and completion. Once a well goes into production, any ongoing expenses are performed on a pro-rata basis based on direct ownership.


We operate 100% of our assets to ensure cost effectiveness and profitability through all production phases and economic cycles. Magna Resources (through its operating arm, Triangle Three Resources) understands all aspects of operations, from initial prospecting through the decommissioning of a field. Our partners, mineral interest owners, surface owners and vendors know they can count on us to get the job done. 



Over the long run we believe that only the efficient and effective producers will continue to generate economic returns throughout the cycle of production and ever fluctuating energy prices – the rest will be forced to divest their assets to the stronger competitors. Our goal is to be a very strong competitor and stay poised to take advantage of changing market conditions.


Our strategic alliances with well-established industry partners allow us to create unique opportunities that we believe will reap long-term rewards. A few of the benefits include Deal Flow, Funding and Divestiture.


Periodically we obtain engineered reserve studies on our properties to determine value for possible future property sales. In these cases, we only employ name-recognized firms like world renowned, Degolyer and MacnNaughton. Even though their findings may prove conservative when compared to actual results, their work is the industry recognized Gold Standard of Excellence.  

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